Who are we?

The founder of „StoP“, Mrs. Sabine Stövesand, PhD, combined her practice knowledge in the field of working with battered women (since 87) and as a community worker (since 93) with her academic skills a researcher and professor for social work at the University for Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany (since 2002). This combination is unique. Professor Stövesand conducted a study examining the existing interventions in Germany, showing that the secondary level of prevention, specifically the role of neighbours has been disregarded so far; explored the potential benefits of a community based approach and developed a practice model (Stövesand 2007). Her book (Mit Sicherheit Sozialarbeit!) is the first that develops this approach methodically in Germany.


Since 2010 Ms. Tanja Chawla, MA (Social Economics) and since 2013 Ms. Lina Hoeft, Social Worker, MA (Gender Studies) are working with StoP, supporting and evaluating the implementation of the conceptual framework into practice in two different multiethnic neighbourhoods in the city of Hamburg in Northern Germany.


Tanja Chawla, Sabine Stövesand (front), Lina Hoeft (sitting)

Tanja Chawla, Sabine Stövesand (front), Lina Hoeft (sitting)

The work was funded so far by the University of Applied Sciences, Dept. Social Work, Hamburg, the municipal department for work, family, integration and social issues of the city of Hamburg (BASFI), the local Hamburg district of Wandsbek, program for a social city development.


At present we are looking for ways to inspire other with our ideas and expertise.

We would love to help to initiate “StoP”-Projects in other cities in Germany by organizing trainings and offering counseling and evaluation on a national level.